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Asp.Net Core Fundamentals: Build An E-Commerce Site

Step-by-step guidance to building a real-world e-commerce or coffee shop application from start to finish

What you'll learn

How to create...


Step-by-step guidance to building a real-world e-commerce or coffee shop application from start to finish

What you'll learn

How to create a .NET Core project and understand its project structure.

Understand the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern and its implementation in .NET Core.

Understand and implement the Repository pattern in .NET Core.

Register services in the Inversion of Control (IOC) container and create controllers and views in .NET MVC.

Hands-on approach to Entity Framework Core with real-world data

Efficient .NET Core development techniques utilizing routing, navigations, layouts, and render body.

How to integrate custom templates into a .NET Core project

Building a shopping cart

Securing an .NET Core application with identity, authentication, and authorization.

Deploying an .NET Core web app on Azure


The student's must have a Windows machine.

Knowledge of C# and Entity Framework.

C# (at a minimum lambda expressions, LINQ)

Visual Studio 2022 with .Net Core version 7.0 is recommend but you can also use .Net Core 6


Welcome to the Complete Real World Web Development course with .NET Core 7, where you will learn how to create a fully functional coffee shop e-commerce web application using Asp .NET Core and C#.This comprehensive course covers everything you need to know to create a web application from scratch, including the latest version of .NET Core 7.0, as well as the previous version, .NET Core 6.In this course, you'll Develop a web app in .NET Core using Entity Framework Code First ApproachUse advanced features such as Dependency Injection and Repository PatternImplement Routing and Navigation Tag HelpersLearn how to use Render Body, View Imports, View Start & _Layout FileAdd Migrations in Web ApplicationIntegrate Custom Theme or Template in Asp .NET Core Web ApplicationCreate a Shopping Cart for your applicationImplement Session ManagementLearn how to implement Authentication and Authorization with IdentityCreate a Coffee Shop ECommerce Web App From ScratchBy the end of this course, you will have the skills and knowledge to create a web app in .NET Core, connect it to an MSSQL database, deploy a web API on Microsoft Azure, and create a real-world coffee shop e-commerce web app from scratch.With carefully thought-out and edited content, you can rest assured that you're getting a high-quality course. The course is designed for both beginners and experienced developers who want to improve their skills in .NET Core web development.Remember, you will receive all the source code and links for the web application, as well as helpful material for the course. To launch your web application, you will need a personal Azure Portal.If you're a busy developer who wants to quickly learn web development from scratch, this is the perfect course for you. Click the buy now button and join the world's First Complete Web Development Course with Asp .NET Core and C#.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Prerequisites

Section 2: Getting Started with .NET Core

Lecture 3 Create a .NET Core Project

Lecture 4 Understand Project Structure

Lecture 5 Understand MVC Pattern

Lecture 6 Create Model Classes

Lecture 7 Repository Pattern

Lecture 8 Implement Repository Pattern

Lecture 9 Register Services in IOC Container

Lecture 10 Create Controller in .NET MVC

Lecture 11 Create Views in .NET MVC

Lecture 12 Passing Data To View in .NET MVC

Section 3: Hands-on Approach to Entity Framework Core with Real-world Data

Lecture 13 Install Entity Framework Core and MSSQL Packages

Lecture 14 DbContext and DbSet

Lecture 15 Create Database Connection String

Lecture 16 Modify the Repository Class

Lecture 17 Implement Migrations in .NET Core

Lecture 18 Seed Data

Section 4: Efficient ASP.NET Core Development: Routing, Navigations, Layouts & Render Body

Lecture 19 Routing

Lecture 20 Product Detail

Lecture 21 Navigations with Tag Helpers

Lecture 22 Explore Render Body ,View Imports, View Start & _Layout File

Section 5: Template Integration in ASP.NET Core

Lecture 23 Explore the template

Lecture 24 Integrate template in .NET Core Project

Lecture 25 Populate Trending Products Data

Lecture 26 Integrate Shop Page

Lecture 27 Integrate Detail Page

Lecture 28 Partial View in .NET Core

Section 6: ASP.NET Core Shopping Cart

Lecture 29 Create Shopping Cart Model Classes

Lecture 30 Working with Session Management and Shopping Cart Methods

Lecture 31 Shopping Cart Controller

Lecture 32 Add Shopping Cart View

Lecture 33 Display Data in Shopping Cart View

Lecture 34 Display Total Price in Shopping Cart

Lecture 35 Remove Shopping Cart Data

Lecture 36 Empty Shopping Cart View

Lecture 37 Cart Counter

Section 7: Creating Order Forms in ASP.NET Core

Lecture 38 Create Order Model Classes

Lecture 39 Create Order Repository

Lecture 40 Implement Migrations to add order table

Lecture 41 Create Orders Controller

Lecture 42 Add Order View

Lecture 43 Model Binding and Place Order

Section 8: Securing Your ASP.NET Core Application

Lecture 44 Add Asp.NET Identity

Lecture 45 Add Authentication

Lecture 46 Modify Register & Login Pages

Lecture 47 Add Authorization

Section 9: Deploying Your ASP.NET Core Web App on Azure

Lecture 48 Create Azure Web App

Lecture 49 Create Azure SQL DB

Lecture 50 Deploy Web App to Azure

Lecture 51 Source Code

Lecture 52 Bonus Lesson

Developers who are familiar with C# Programming Language.,Some prior programming experience in Object Oriented Programming languages will also help to pick the concepts easily.,Developers who want to build the Complete Web App from A to Z.

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