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The file manager looks and feels like Windows File Explorer and follows user interface guidelines. Let your users easily manage their files with the comfortable and intuitive approach already known from the daily desktop working environme...


The file manager looks and feels like Windows File Explorer and follows user interface guidelines. Let your users easily manage their files with the comfortable and intuitive approach already known from the daily desktop working environment and minimize user learning curve. Actions are both represented on the ribbon (top) toolbar and in the context menus and they are automatically disabled/hidden when not available e.g. when corresponding permissions are not granted. This way users will only see the actions that are available to them and they will not be confused.

Navigation (folders) pane allows fast hierarchy browsing and breadcrumb navigation bar allows users to keep track of their location and to drill down folders easily.

Folder contents are displayed via a multi-view which supports 6 different view layouts: Extra large icons, Large icons, Medium icons, Small icons, Details and Tiles. Thumbnails for all common image and video files are displayed. For all other file types, high-res icons are displayed.

File Manager Control for ASP.NET MVC and WebForms

Integrate a file manager into your ASP.NET application or site rapidly.

Browse and manage files with access control.

Accept files with the advanced upload functionality.

Offer a structured and neat download area.

Preview documents (70+ file formats, including PDF & Microsoft Office), images, audios and videos.

View Any Document Anywhere

Advanced Document Viewer can open and display (read-only) wide range of document file formats:

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft Visio

Microsoft Outlook

OpenDocument Formats

AutoCAD (R13) Drawing



and more...

Your users don't need to have an application (eg. Microsoft Office) on their computer to be able to view these documents.

The Document Viewer supports High Resolution. Text, fonts and vector elements are preserved and rendered in high-res with no rasterization. Zoom in as much as you want, your documents will look great and same as they do in the program that created them.

Play Video and Audio Files

Media Player can open and play all common video formats:

MP4, M4V






and on some browsers MP4V, 3G2, 3GP, MKV

and all common audio formats:







Media Player will first try Html5 video feature of the browser and if not supported it will try Flash mode. If a media format is not playable at all on the browser, media player will prompt the user to try opening the file directly on his computer/device so you automatically have a streaming media server.

View Image Files

Image Viewer can display all common image formats including Photoshop:









Image Viewer supports zooming, panning, rotating and flipping. Transparent images will be displayed with a nice background pattern to differentiate them from images with solid color backgrounds.

Browse Archive Files

The contents of all common archive formats can be browsed just like regular folders:








This is similar to "Compressed Folders" in Windows Explorer but for all archive formats not just for zip format. In addition, it supports displaying thumbnails while in archive and supports browsing nested archive files so it's more advanced than Windows Explorer's feature.

The zip files can be modified but other formats are read-only. For example, you can directly upload into zip files and download files directly from all archive files.

Advanced Uploads

Upload multiple files at once. Upload files by dragging and dropping them from your computer. Upload files of unlimited size (e.g. a 10 GB huge file).

Advanced Downloads

Download multiple files or even whole folders at once. When downloading a single file, pausing/resuming in the browser is possible so interrupted downloads can be completed. Download files of unlimited size (e.g. a 10 GB huge file).

Browse Files with Access Control

Limit actions, disk usage and file types on folder basis. File manager will automatically show or hide actions according to the viewed folder's access control.

Prevent navigating up to parent folders with "Root Folder" concept. Define root folders which point to existing paths on the server or on the network. Set display names for root folders and hide the actual path information for security.

Enjoy Performance Optimizations

Renders fast and keeps the load on the page at minimum by minifying, combining and compressing jŠ°vascript and CSS files and by not using ViewState. Minimizes memory usage and has robust code, free from memory leaks. Keeps a responsive UI while processing large amounts of data.

Integrate Easily and Rapidly

Provides flexible object model for full integration. Integrates easily with any authentication provider.

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