PHP Generator for MySQL Professional Multilingual

PHP Generator for MySQL lets you quickly build a website from your database without any programming. The created web application allows authorized users to view, edit, add, and delete database records. Key features include:


PHP Generator for MySQL lets you quickly build a website from your database without any programming. The created web application allows authorized users to view, edit, add, and delete database records. Key features include:

100% responsive design
Easy-to-use data input forms with wide spectrum of controls Updated!
Master-detail views with unlimited nesting Updated!
Data protection with application, page, and record level security Updated!
Powerful data filtering, sorting, comparison, and pagination Updated!
Out-of-the-box Charts Updated!
Advanced website navigation features New!
Data export to PDF, XML, CSV, Excel, and Word Updated!
25 color themes

Full customization with built-in API and user-defined events Updated!
PHP Generator for MySQL produces clear and easy to understand code that can be used as is or modified in any way you need.

PHP Generator for MySQL provides you with a set of clear-cut wizard steps, so it really does not require a deep knowledge of MySQL from its users. You will hardly come across any difficulties operating the PHP form generator for CRUD (create, read, update and delete) operations with precise wizard directions. All of that running on the powerful PHP database framework hiding low-level PHP database connection and SQL data access.

PHP Generator for MySQL is unique software that allows making full-fledged web database applications in several clicks. The prices start from $0 for the free edition!

PHP Generator for MySQL allows you to customize the HTML appearance of the result scripts such as header/footer, font settings and background color for each element, body background image, table background color, etc. Preview is also available. Powerful Smarty PHP template engine lets you customize appearance independent from database data.

With the PHP creator you will have a very professional web database application ready for uploading to your website. It has all the powerful features you would expect from a professional database application: data navigation, sorting, advanced filtering, modification, addition and deletion.

The PHP code generator supports the development of web applications with its messages in many languages, being able to the user to personalize existing languages or to create a new one.

PHP Generator for MySQL allows you to request user name and password when someone attempts to access your script or to execute some of the specific actions: detailed viewing, adding, editing or deleting a table/query row.

Use PHP Generator for MySQL to work with any MySQL version! The application provides full support for all the required features implemented in the new server versions.

PHPGenerator allows you to save its current settings at its final step as a project. This project can be used for executing the service without necessity to specify all the settings once again.

You can set application options, customize all PHP Generator for MySQL editors and viewers and adjust the appearance and behavior of any widget and control of the application according to your preferences. Choose you favorite appearance style from built-in style list or create your own style!

Top 20 new features:

1. Self-registration and password recovering. From now on a user (if allowed by the application developer) can register at a generated website. It is also possible to request a resend of verification email as well as recover a forgotten password.
2. OnGetCustomPagePermissions and OnGetCustomRecordPermissions events. Starting from this version, you can grant permissions to the users at page and record level accordingly in the most flexible way possible.
3. Improved OnAfterLogin event. This event now allows you to (temporarily) disable access to the website, for example, for users who are on vacations or for fired employees.
4. Inactivity Timeout. From now on you can specify the maximum amount of time (in seconds) after that a user will be automatically logged out from the application.
5. OnBeforeLogout event. This event fires just before a user logged out from the application by pressing the Logout button or when the inactivity timeout is reached.
6. Custom password encryption. Starting from this version, PHP Generator allows you to use any encryption API or library you like.
7. Enhanced Unicode support. Now it is possible to use any language for page headers, column captions, partition labels, descriptions, hard-coded combobox items and other interface elements irrespectively of the Windows system locale.
8. Optimized Column Filter. Now filtering options are loaded from the database only when/if a user presses the filter button. Due to this improvement, the initial page loading time is significantly reduced.
9. Improved Quick Filter. Now it allows you to select columns to search as well as specify the search condition (Contains, Begins with, etc).
10. Easy-to-use Email API. Sending an email from a server-side event becomes as simple as possible.
11. New External Video control. This control is intended for displaying and playing raw (for example, locally stored) video files.
12. Improved Multiple Select Editor. This editor can now load its stored and displayed values from the database.
13. Improved HTML WYSIWYG Editor. Support for changing text and background colors has been added.
14. Enhanced Multi-level Autocomplete Editor. From now on you can define a filter condition for each level separately. Variables like %CURRENT_USER_ID% are allowed.
15. Brand new Security Manager. This window has been redesigned in order to simplify access to existing and newly added security-related features.
16. New Event Editor. Now you can edit all server-side (or client-side) event handlers in a single window that should simplify such operations as copy / paste code between different event handlers.
17. Page Copy tool. From now on you can clone any page with all or certain its settings in a couple of clicks.
18. Page settings assignment. Starting from this version it is possible to assign settings from a certain page to existing pages based on the same data source.
19. Home Page Banner. This new version allows you to specify a piece of the HTML code to be displayed at the top of the application home page.
20. Enhanced support for Intranet applications. Turn the Offline mode option ON for websites running on web servers without an Internet connection.

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