PHP Tools for Visual Studio 2010-2022 v1.62.15410

PHP Tools transparently integrate into Microsoft Visual Studio, and extend it with the support for PHP language. The extension is focused on developer productivity respecting conventions. It understands your...


PHP Tools transparently integrate into Microsoft Visual Studio, and extend it with the support for PHP language. The extension is focused on developer productivity respecting conventions. It understands your code, provides smart code completion, quick navigation, syntax error checking, integrated PHP manual, project system, debugging support and more. PHP Tools for Visual Studio brings seamless analysis of source code within PHP projects. In addition to IntelliSense improvements, this feature gives you smart code validation which underlines unused variables, type mismatches, dead code and other suspicious constructs in your code.

Well-Known IDE

Microsoft Visual Studio IDE

Version control support (TFS, Git, SVN, ...)

Integration respecting conventions

Automatic updates & Easy installation

High performance environment

Smart PHP editor

Full PHP 7.0, 5.6, 5.5, 5.4 support

PHP IntelliSense, code completion

Function parameters assistant

Go to definition (F12)

Shows embedded documentation

Visual Debugging

Breakpoints in PHP and jР°vascript

Inspect variables, watches

Immediate Window

Multiple session debugging

Integrated PHP manual

PHP functions&constants&classes

Integrated documentation

Search available symbols while typing

PHPDoc support

Code Navigation

Browse declarations within your solution

Quickly search through available symbols

Navigate directly to symbol definitions

Navigate To, Class View, Object Browser, ...

HTML/JS/CSS support

Visual Studio HTML Editor

Syntax Highlighting, Schema validation

Formatting, Outlining, Commenting

Full IntelliSense

Web Essentials Support

Code Editor

Syntax coloring, Customizable Fonts&Colors read more

Smart Indentation

Document Format, Selection Format, Format on Paste, Format on closing brace and semicolon


Code collapsing, #region/#endregion collapsing

Brace Matching, Matching symbol highlighting

Smart brace completion (Visual Studio 2013 and later)

Comment/Uncomment code

Full Unicode support and line ending configuration

PHP 5.5 support

Peek to Definition

Custom additional file extensions, e.g .php5, .phpt

PHPDoc support, autogenerating on /**, smart indentation

Find/Search replacement within projects and solutions. Supports regular expressions and wildcards.


Integrated PHP manual, Go to Help (F1)

Complete help support using PHP manual and PHPDoc comments

Word Completion (Ctrl+Space)

Go To Definition (F12)

Function Assistance showing parameters, default values and description

Tool Tip Assistance showing summary on mouse hover

Dynamic context-aware IntelliSense for PHP

Autogenerated view for PHP manual functions, classes


Xdebug support, Multi-session debugging, Remote debugging

PHP, j@vascript and .NET debugging at once

Automatic installation of PHP from Web Platform Installer

Supports built-in PHP server, IIS Express and custom server

Breakpoints, Conditional breakpoints

Step Into, Step Over, Step Out

Quick Watch support, Add To Watch

Edit values at run-time

Watch, Autos, Locals, Immediate Window

Call Stack Window

Text View, HTML View, XML View of variables value

Team Collaboration

Support for built-in version control providers

PHP Projects version controlling

Team Foundation Server, Git, SVN, and more

Seamless integration with the project system

Source Control Explorer

Work Items

Check-in History

HTML Editor in PHP files

Support for HTML, jР°vascript and CSS in PHP files

Code colorization

Code collapsing


Formatting, Smart Indentation, Real-time code validation

HTML schema validation

Support for add-ins like Web Essentials

Design View, Split View, Code View

Code Snippets (Ctrl+K,S and Ctrl+K,X)

Commonly used code fragments as snippets

Integrated in IntelliSense (Tab)

Automatically formatted snippets

Snippets with editable spans

Context-aware editable spans completion

Custom code snippets


Publish PHP project to file system, FTP, FTPS, SFTP

Publish before run

Incremental publish

Quick publish of selected files and directories

Support for opening FTP Web Site and uploading files On Save

Composer integration

Viewing and managing installed composer packages in Solution Explorer

Browsing and installing new composer packages in the GUI

Composer output pane in the IDE

Composer in MsBuild process

Project System

Multiple projects withing solution

Run or Debug multiple projects at once

Configurable environment

Project referencing

Configurable project run options

standard MSBuild project system

Item templates, Project templates

NuGet packages support

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