Progress Telerik UI for WinUI v2.4.0 Retail

Create state of the art Windows desktop apps with the best-in-class WinUI controls suite. Brought to you by the creators of Telerik UI for WPF & WinForms.

Feature Rich Controls for Building Powerful WinUI Apps



Create state of the art Windows desktop apps with the best-in-class WinUI controls suite. Brought to you by the creators of Telerik UI for WPF & WinForms.

Feature Rich Controls for Building Powerful WinUI Apps

Unparalleled quality is our top priority - embrace the power of the new WinUI framework and streamline your application development process with highly customizable and feature rich controls.

Fluent-inspired Look & Feel

Want to ensure consistent look and feel alongside a powerful performance? Look no further! The default look and feel of the Telerik UI suite for WinUI is Fluent-inspired and supports the native Windows theming (Light and Dark).

Superior Performance

From the engineering talent that brought you Telerik UI for WPF and WinForms, our WinUI suite is built with performance in mind – every component we ship is optimized for maximum performance with endless customization capabilities.

Build One App for 1+ Billion Windows Devices

The new state-of-the-art Telerik controls for WinUI ship with touch support, enabling you to deploy your application on over 1 billion devices running on Windows 10.

Built-in Accessibility & Localization

The Telerik controls for WinUI come with built-in accessibility functionalities such as Microsoft UI Automation and High Contrast Themes, as well as custom localization support.

Intuitive API & MVVM support

Kick-start your WinUI application development with intuitive API and controls that are fully compatible with MVVM.

UI for WinUI 2.4.0

What's New

RadCalculator and RadCalculatorPicker have a simple easy-to-use interface enabling the end user to perform all basic calculations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division as well as some more complicated ones – reciprocal, square root, negate. The operations can be executed either by clicking the calculator buttons, or by using your keyboard.


Upgraded WinUI for Desktop`s controls and demos to .NET 6.


Improve the look of the control in the pointer over and disabled states.


Introduced support for Encryption Algorithm 5 with AES-256.
Introduced Find API allowing the user to search for concrete text in a PDF document.


A specific scanned file is not displayed with the new model.
Some Image XObjects are imported but not displayed in PdfViewer.
A CryptographicException related to AES algorithm padding is thrown.
A NotImplementedException is thrown when editing and exporting text with CID font and CFF font source.
An InvalidOperationException is thrown when importing a PDF document and parsing a name start character followed by a dictionary end one.
Some documents are rendered as blank pages when a specific culture is set in .NET 5 (or later) project.
EndOfStreamException is thrown when importing a document containing an EI keyword not followed by а space or return.
Text is extracted with missing characters when there are glyphs mapped to two or more Unicode character values.


Relationship Id error when parsing an image with a hyperlink without ID.
Shared formulas do not work when there is no cell reference in the cell element.


A NotSupportedException is thrown when importing content in rich text.


When creating a SpreadPatternFill with SpreadPatternType 'Solid', PatternColor and BackgroundColor property values are swapped.


Introduced Table Of Contents - TOC field.
Introduced Table Of Authorities - TOA field.


An exception is thrown when converting HTML to PDF and the HTML contains an image with no source.
DocFormatProvider: KeyNotFoundException is thrown when importing *.doc file with .NET Core assemblies.
PageRefField is not successfully updated when there is more than one bookmark in the same empty paragraph.
DocxFormatProvider: An InvalidCastException 'Unable to cast object of type 'EffectContainerElement' to type 'EffectListElement' is thrown on import.
Importing HTML with base64 encoded image without extension causes a missing image when exported to PDF.
Header/footer is wronly exported when the document's first section is of type continuous.
DocxFormatProvider: FormatException is thrown when importing a document containing shapes with opacity set with a fractional value, like this 39151f.

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