TMS IntraWeb Component Pack Pro v5.9.4.0 Source Code

TMS Components for IntraWeb allows rich design-time editing of webpages from the Delphi IDE directly on IntraWeb forms. IntraWeb and the...


TMS Components for IntraWeb allows rich design-time editing of webpages from the Delphi IDE directly on IntraWeb forms. IntraWeb and the TMS Components for IntraWeb allow an unprecedented RAD way of web application development with Delphi, making web development as easy as dropping components on a form. Over 70 components for IntraWeb development tool for Web applications including :

Responsive List *
Responsive layout design
Continuous scrolling
Data-aware / Non Data-Aware control
Asynchronous events
Asynchronous rendering
Asynchronous updating
Item templates
Templated data display
Optional fine-grained interaction with HTML controls per item
* IW 12.1 or newer only

WebgridPDFIO *
Control to export IWAdvWebGrid to PDF
* IW 12.1 or newer only

List Editor *
Edit control to edit a list of values in a flexible way similar to the Microsoft Outlook or iOS email address input
Configurable hint and image for each item
Asynchronous adding/updating/removing items
Async events
* IW 12.1 or newer only

Continuous Scroll
Continuous scrolling
Async events
Asynchronously adding items on scroll or on button click
Item templates

DB Async Navigator
Full asynchronous update support
Async events
Support for additional customized buttons

Message dialog
Modal dialog control
Async events
Async updates
Input capabilities
Highly customisable

Async events
Async updates
Nodes with checkboxes
Nodes with radiobuttons
Link, hint, color, images per node

Smooth controls
TTIWSmoothTimeLine: timeline component
TTIWSmoothGauge: gauge component
TTIWSmoothLEDLabel: LED label component
TTIWSmoothLabel: label with gradient/texture fill

Client side list manipulation
TTIWListOrganiser component : allows full client-side reordering of items in a listbox
TTIWListLink: client side listbox to listbox link
TTIWComboListLink: client side combobox to listbox link

TTIWDateLabel: label showing todays date
TTIWPopupMenuLabel: label with attached popup menu
TTIWGradientLabel: label with gradient background
TTIWCalculatingLabel component: client-side calculating label
TTIWNoSpamEmail component : email hyperlink that cannot be traced by spambots

TTIWStaticMenu: static menu with hover effect
TTIWMainMenu, TTIWSideMenu: dropdown menu controls
TTIWPopupMenuButton: button with attached popup menu
TTIWDocumentPopup: right-click popup menu for document

TTIWAdvWebGrid, TTIWAdvDetailWebGrid: non data-aware grid control
TTIWDBAdvWebGrid, TTIWDBAdvDetailWebGrid: data-aware grid control

Edit controls
TTIWAdvEdit, TTIWDBAdvEdit: advanced edit control
TTIWAdvLUEdit, TTIWDBAdvLUEdit: advanced lookup edit control
TTIWEMailEdit: edit control with regular expression validation for email
TTIWAdvSpinEdit, TTIWDBAdvSpinEdit: data-aware and not data-aware spin edit controls
TTIWAdvTimeEdit, TTIWDBAdvTimeEdit: edit component specific for entering time values
TTIWAdvDateEdit, TTIWDBAdvDateEdit: edit component specific for entering date values
TTIWCCNumEdit: credit card number edit control with client side basic validation
TTIWCCExpEdit: credit card expiry date edit control with client side basic validation
TTIWFilePicker: edit control with attached file picker button
TTIWPersistentEdit: edit control with cookie persistency
TTIWEditLinkLink: client side edit to listbox link
TTIWTextAreaLimiter component : multi-line textbox with full client-side length limitation and display

Date & time
TTIWCalendar, TTIWDBCalendar: monthcalendar controls
TTIWDatePicker, TTIWDBDatePicker: datepicker controls
TTIWDateSelector: date selector control
TTIWMonthPlanner: month calendar with events per day indication
TTIWClock: client side running clock

TTIWAdvImage: image with library free design time GIF & JPEG support as well as hover image capability
TTIWFadeImage: image with hover fade effect
TTIWHotSpotImage: image with client-side ImageMap support for JPEG and GIF files with design time hot spot editor
TTIWPaintBox: paintbox that renders in a browser allowing to draw on a canvas just like in a Win32 application
TTIWAdvImageButton: three state image based button control
TTIWCaptchaImage : IntraWeb CAPTCHA component with several properties to control how the CAPTCHA displays (length,font,background,type,allowed characters,font fill,...)

TTIWSmartPanel: expanding / collapsing panel
TTIWScrollPanel: scrolling panel
TTIWTickerPanel: ticker with optional expanding/collapsing part

List- & ComboBoxes, Radio- & CheckGroup
TTIWCountryComboBox, TTIWDBCountryComboBox: combobox with all countries predefined
TTIWStateComboBox, TTIWDBStateComboBox: combobox with states of USA
TTIWMultiColumnComboBox component: multi column combobox with lookup and type-ahead
TTIWCheckListBox component: checked listbox
TTIWCheckList: Dropdown checklist group control
TTIW(DB)AdvRadioGroup, TTIW(DB)AdvCheckGroup: multicolumn radio & check group with DB aware version

Debugging tools
TTIWClientCode: container for clientside jаvascript or CSS code
TTIWClientDebugOut: component to enable the use of client side OutputDebugString from jаvascript
TTIWClientWatch component: jаvascript OutputDebugString viewer for full client-side code tracing

TTIWColorPicker: color picker control
TTIWAdvSelector: Office style generic draggable selector for colors, fonts, images
TTIWHelpTip component: help popup component with formatted text support
TTIWAdvToolButton component: Hotmail like button with gradients and glyph support for normal, hovered, pressed states

Navigational controls
TTIWOutlookBar: outlookbar control
TTIWSideNavBar: XP style navigation bar with collapsable panels
TTIWExchangeBar: navigational control like in Microsoft Exchange web access

TTIWHTMLLabel, TTIWDBHTMLLabel: labels with HTML formatting
TTIWHTMLRadioGroup: radiogroup with HTML support
TTIWHTMLCheckBox: checkbox with HTML support
TTIWHTMLList: list with HTML support


New : RAD Studio 12 Athens Support

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